Dressage encourages Members to improve their riding by acquiring and establishing an independent seat and true knowledge of the aids. Once a member gains a competence in dressage it puts them on a very strong footing to compete successfully in Eventing, Combined Training and Pure Dressage competitions.

Dressage lessons will be run throughout the year for all of those who are interested and for all levels of riders. We will advise you of all training dates as they become available. 

The following disciplines come under the Dressage Banner.

  • IPC Pure Dressage Championship
  • IPC Pure Dressage Championship Qualifiers
  • National Dressage Day
  • Combined Training (with Show jumping)
  • Dressage Training/ Schooling

IPC Championships

The IPC finals are held at the Annual PC Championships generally in July and to compete at this event there are area qualifiers (the IPC is divided into areas with a number of Pony Clubs assigned to each area, MHPC is in Area 7). Qualifiers are held during the month of June and from these qualifiers individuals and teams are sent to the Championships. (Careful holiday planning is necessary here as July/August is the peak Pony Club Competition season!!!!!! Be warned).

Combined training explained

Combined Training comprises of Dressage and Show Jumping. It is an individual competition. The score rewarded for the jumping is added to the marks awarded for the dressage test. If the result is a tie the competitor with the highest dressage score is the winner. The winners from Open & Intermediate Area Qualifiers go forward to represent their club at the Dublin Horse Show!

Dressage Downloads

IPC Dressage Rules

Click here for the Irish Pony Club Dressage and CT Rules 2024

IPC Dressage Tack Sheet

Click here for the IPC Dressage and CT Tack Sheet 2024

IPC Dressage Tests

Click here for the IPC Dressage Tests 2024