Cross Poles. Course Walk  9.45am 

Jumping  10.10am  to  10.25am

50cm   Course walk   10.25am   ON Your Pony

Jumping   10.35am  to  10.45am

60cm   Course Walk  10.45am  On Your Pony

Jumping    10.55am   to   11.25am

70cm   Course Walk  11.25am   On Your Pony

Jumping   11.35am   to   12.10

80cm   Course Walk  12.10  On Your Pony

Jumping   12.20 to  12.30

90cm   Course Walk  12.30   On your Pony

Jumping    12.35

Please be on time & ready to jump at your allotted Height time.

See you all tomorrow.





Sun 24thOctober SJ Training Show

Venue: Kells Equestrian Centre

Class 1 cross poles, Class 2 50cm, Class 3 60cm, Class 4 70cm, Class 5 80cm Class 6 90cm

Entries close online Sat 23rd Oct @ 3.30pm

Times will be available on Sat evening on Facebook, Whatsapp and Website


Tue 26th October X/C Training for C standard & up.  Must be able to jump 80cm x/c

Venue: Sally Corscadden Grange Farm, Drumlangan, Kilcock, Eircode W23C2YR

Limited to 25.  Entries close online on Sun 24th Oct @ 8.30pm or when quota is reached. 

Times will be available from Kay on Monday 25th October


Thur 28th October Flatwork training for C test standard & up

Venue Kay Nolans, Kentstown, Eircode C15W3F4. 

Limited to 15.  Entries close on Tues 26th @ 8.30pm or when the quota is reached. 

Times will be available from Kay on Wednesday 27th  October


Fri 29th Oct X/C Rally suitable for all.  

Venue Carlanstown Cross Country,  Kells.  

Limited to 35.  Entries close on Wed 27th Oct @ 8.30pm or when quota is reached.  

Please be mounted and ready to ride at 10.30am



Fri 27th Aug. S/J training show Suitable for up to C standard. 

Venue: Kells Equestrian Centre.  

Course walk for Cross poles and 50cm @ 6pm. Sharp.

Class 1. Cross Poles. Class 2. 50cm. Class 3 60cm. Class 4. 70cm. Class 5. 80cm. Class 6. 90cm

Entries close online on Thurs 26th @ 10.30am Times will be available & posted on Meath website/Facebook page on Thurs evening. Please keep to Covid 19 guidelines at all times.  

Only children riding & the driver may attend. NO spectators please.

Queries 0858322474


Fri 3rd September Rally Suitable for up to C Standard. Limited to 30 entries.  

Venue: Piperstown Equestrian Centre Grangebellew Eircode A92F400. 

Start Time: Please be ready to ride at 6pm as the nights are getting shorter.

Entries close online on Wednesday Sept 1st at 8.30pm.  

Please keep to Covid 19 guidelines at all times.

Only children riding & the driver may attend. No spectators please. 

Queries 0858322474

KHPC ODE Punchestown Sunday - Important Please Read

Two important messages for those planning on attending our ODE event this Sunday at

Covid Tracking and Tracing - Please register online before Sunday.
Can everyone attending the event, both competitors and their Parents/ Guardian, please click the link below to go to our online events section and then complete their COVID


Please note: you cannot attend this event if you have not successfully submitted your
COVID Registration form here. When you submit the form, your Event Ticket will be
immediately emailed to you. Remember to type your email address in the form correctly so you can receive your Ticket. You MUST bring a copy of this Ticket to the event and have it ready to present upon entry to save delays. You will NOT be allowed to enter the event without having filled out this form and without having a copy of your Ticket with you, (either a paper printout of it or a copy that can be viewed on your smartphone). Remember that ALL attending competitors and their Parents/ Guardians must fill out the form individually and present their ticket upon entry.

(2) Filming during our Event

Please note that general filming of this event will be taking place. The focus of the filming will be on a particular group of children participating at this event in order to feature teenagers with a passion for horses as part of an overall series about the world of the Irish Sport Horse.
Only the children directly involved in the filming, whose parents have provided consent, will be clearly identified by their name in the footage taken.
It is not reasonable, practical or proportionate to secure consent for every participating child
at this event in order to take such film footage. In these circumstances, the organisers are
making it clear to all participants and parents that film footage will be taken, and for what
purposes it is being done.

We look forward to welcoming you to our event and we wish you the best of luck on the day.

Best Regards

KHPC Committee