Virtual Dressage

Virtual Dressage is about to hit Meath Pony Club. You can enter online on itsplainsailing on Meath

pony club website. €6.50 per entry. Set up your dressage arena, get someone to video your test, they need

to stand a little back from C to record it.

Send the video on whatsapp to the Meath Pony club phone 0858322474 by fri 3rd april 8.30pm


Class 1. U 10's Dressage Ireland Test Intro A. 2012

Class 2. U 12's Dressage Ireland Test P 5. 2012

Class 3. Juniors. Dressage Ireland Test. P 15 2012

Class 4. Intermediate. Dressage Ireland Test. P 18 2012

Class 5. Open. Dressage Ireland Test. Novice 23 2012

Class 6. Parents,Guardians, aunts, uncles, grandparents and Instructors. Dressage Ireland

Intro A 2012 or Dressage Ireland P 5 2012


The above tests can be down loaded from Dressage Ireland website, if you have any trouble or queries

please contact June on 0858322474


Entries close online Fri.3rd April at Good Luck.